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 Zelenskyy Trashes Americans Who Oppose Giving More of Our Money to Ukrainian Regime


 Zelenskyy Trashes Americans Who Oppose Giving More of Our Money to Ukrainian Regime

On the one-year anniversary of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Ukrainian President Zelenksy took questions regarding the anniversary and the chances for future peace.

During a Q&A session, one individual inquired about the growing number of Americans who believe the US is providing too much help to Ukraine, and Zelenksy’s message to them.

One person asked, “There are polls in the United States that suggest that a growing number of Americans believe that the U.S. is giving too much support to Ukraine. What would you message be, on the anniversary, to those Americans?”

Zelenksy commended American citizens and government officials for their support of Ukraine’s cause, but cautioned that if they do not continue to do so, they risk losing NATO and their global leadership position.

“I would like to thank all of the American people that are supporting Ukraine: the Congress, the president, the TV channels, the journalists, and everyone that has been supporting us,” Zelenskyy replied.

The mood then changed as Zelenskyy addressed Americans who prefer that public dollars be used to aid Americans.

“And that percentage of Americans as you’ve mentioned is increasing, I can tell them only one thing: If they do not change their opinion, if they do not understand us, if they do not support Ukraine — they will lose NATO, they will lose the clout of the United States, they will lose the leadership position that they enjoy in the world, that they enjoy in the world. That they enjoy for a very fair reason,” Zelenskyy said.

The Ukrainian president continued, “And they will lose the support of the country with 40 million population, with millions of children. Are Americans’ children any different from ours?”

“Don’t Americans enjoy the same things as we do? I don’t think we’re that different.”

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Meanwhile, it has been claimed that Chinese President Xi and Ukrainian President Zelenksy plan to meet in person soon after China urged for a peace treaty between Russia and Ukraine in response to escalating tensions and military buildup along the Ukrainian border.

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