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Women’s Rights Speaker Attacked By ‘Feminist’ Activists


Women’s Rights Speaker Attacked By ‘Feminist’ Activists

Posie Parker, an activist for women’s rights, was attacked by a group of radical trans activists at a rally for women in New Zealand.

Parker, a feminist from the United Kingdom, went to Albert Park, New Zealand, to speak out against the radical transgender movement and defend women’s rights.

These activists were so afraid of what she would say that they tried to stop her from even coming to New Zealand. They said she was a threat to public order, which was not true.

Even though they tried hard, New Zealand’s high court ruled that it was legal to let Parker into the country. However, they made sure to say in their ruling that Parker’s views were wrong.

The radical trans activists didn’t want to accept that someone with different views should be able to speak, so they planned a protest of Parker’s event. At the protest, while Parker was getting ready to speak to the crowd from the stage, an activist ran up to her and poured a bottle of tomato soup on her head.

The activist is said to have told the crowd, “I want her to be full of blood.”

Parker says that the person who hurt her has not yet been charged.

Footage of the event showed that Parker, whose real name is Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, was trying hard to escape with her security while trying to get through the crowd of radical activists.

After the attack, Parker was taken to a police station, where she told officers she feared for her life.

“In the end, I spent most of the day under the protection of police officers who really thought I was lucky to be alive,” she wrote in a post about the incident.

After Parker was attacked, the crowd quickly turned violent, with her supporters and protesters pushing each other and activists tearing down a metal barrier while shouting far-left slogans and chants.

Parker said in response to the violent actions of the activists, “The war on women in these countries is very scary.”

She also said that because she fears for her life, she has to travel with a team of seven security guards.

Lauren Chen, a host on BlazeTV, talked about what happened and pointed out that these radical activists say they are feminists and champions of human rights, but their actions show that the opposite is true.

“You don’t get to call yourself a progressive, a feminist, or a human rights champion of any type if you are okay with the way that this woman is being treated, regardless of her opinions,” Chen said.

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