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Wild Fight Breaks Out Between Spirit Airlines Employees and Passengers Over Extra Baggage Fees


Wild Fight Breaks Out Between Spirit Airlines Employees and Passengers Over Extra Baggage Fees

An out-of-control passenger and a Spirit Airlines employee get into a violent altercation at the Philadelphia International Airport, as seen in a recently released video.

Last week, gate agents at Fort Lauderdale airport charged a 39-year-old woman and her 17-year-old daughter additional costs for their excessive carry-on luggage as they were boarding the aircraft.

The two became engulfed and started to physically attack the gate guards, punching them in the face. The daughter grabbed a Spirit employee’s dreadlocks and started yanking them forcefully while being smacked in the head by another airport staff while shouting “get off, get off.”

A little boy who appears to be a member of the same family runs up to the altercation and strikes a Spirit employee at one point in the video. He then flees while wailing and screaming.

More airline workers intervene to end things and someone shouts, “She hit me first! ”

Employees and bystanders alike are shouting for additional security.

The mother apparently sought to seize one of the keyboards used by Spirit Airlines after the physical altercation appeared to be done, which prompted another Spirit agent to get her and start punching her over the head.

In the fight, the female passenger’s wig and top were both torn off.

“I was shocked at how violent it was and how long it went on for,” a passenger who witnessed the entire incident stated.

“I don’t know exactly who started it, but there was a lot of yelling and I turned around to see two Spirit employees fighting a mother and a daughter. Someone was bleeding. At one stage a child got involved. Regardless of what he did, he’s just a kid – he looked distraught. If this is the way Spirit Airlines operates, it’s really scary.”

Police haven’t yet arrested anyone in connection with the event.

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