White Liberals in New York Prevent Black Man from Exiting Subway Train to Go to Work

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The protests by white liberals against the death of Jordan Nealy on Sunday night were a continuation of the ongoing demonstrations demanding justice for the late street performer. Nealy’s tragic death, which occurred when he was subdued by a former Marine and some passengers on a New York subway train, sparked outrage and concern among many people. The white liberals who participated in the protests were standing in solidarity with those who believed that Nealy’s death was preventable and unjust.

However, the demonstrations on Friday had a different tone and intention altogether. The protesters obstructed commuters from exiting the train, which caused inconvenience and distress to many passengers. It is important to note that while protests are a fundamental right in a democratic society, it is essential to ensure that they do not infringe on the rights of others. In this case, the protesters’ actions disrupted the daily routine of commuters, including an African American man who was heading to work and was visibly upset by the situation.

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