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White House Blocks New York Post Amid Family Investigation


White House Blocks New York Post Amid Family Investigation

US Attorney David Weiss, who was chosen by former President Donald Trump, is currently investigating Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden. Speculation suggests that there might be an imminent indictment in relation to this matter. The New York Post played a significant role in uncovering certain accusations against Hunter Biden by publishing information from a purported hard drive linked to him. In a recent development, the White House prevented the newspaper from participating in a specific event.

The president conducted an event on Monday, May 8, at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building adjacent to the White House. The purpose of the event was to address the issues prevailing in the airline industry. During the event, the president unveiled fresh initiatives aimed at ensuring companies are held responsible for actions such as flight cancellations and other factors that contribute to unpleasant travel experiences.

The New York Post made an attempt to participate in the event but disclosed that the White House Press Office prevented them from doing so. In an email sent to the newspaper, the staff stated that they were unable to fulfill the Post’s request for credentials and advised their reporters to watch the event through the live stream. The newspaper, in response, questioned why they were being excluded and even provided a list of questions they intended to ask, but they did not receive any response.

The uncertainty surrounding the exclusion of the newspaper deepened as reports emerged claiming that approximately 20 seats remained unoccupied during the event. This added to the intrigue surrounding the reasons behind the newspaper’s disallowed attendance.

The White House made an attempt to clarify the reason behind the Post’s exclusion from the event on Tuesday, May 9. They stated that although 50 reporters were granted credentials to attend, approximately two dozen others were denied access due to limited space constraints. This explanation aimed to justify why the Post, along with other reporters, was unable to participate in the event.

Subsequently, the Post discovered that two photographers and two additional reporters were also denied credentials for the event. Furthermore, some journalists informed the newspaper that they didn’t bother applying for credentials as they believed that the president typically evades answering questions. It is worth noting that the Post holds the distinction of being the country’s fifth-largest news website and has a substantial print circulation.

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