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WH Backs Immigrant Replacement of White-Collar Jobs Bill


WH Backs Immigrant Replacement of White-Collar Jobs Bill

After the New York Times revealed that Disney was laying off 250 employees in 2015, a debate sprang out. The business needed highly qualified technical personnel to train the less expensive immigrants who would be taking their place on temporary visas. 

Inflation in America will reach its highest levels ever. As employers compete to recruit talent for their organizations, rising wages can be linked to some of the high pricing.

The Biden administration now seems to be in favor of congressional measures that could harm the economic well-being of Americans. The EAGLE Act wants to cut investments in the heartland that would encourage the creation of new employment possibilities for Americans and remove Americans from white-collar occupations for about $29 million.

Over a million immigrants face waiting times of ten years or longer for employment-based Green Cards, according to the immigration campaign group Immigration Voice. The group asserts that the EAGLE Act is the only piece of legislation that will address the issue without introducing even a single additional green card or guest worker visa. They claim that the proposition is advantageous for both American workers and foreigners who are currently residing in the nation.

Some people disagree with the conclusion. The EAGLE Act, according to critics, decreases employment opportunities for college graduates in the Midwest. It occurs because Fortune 500 companies in California, New York, Texas, and North Carolina won’t feel the need to relocate or build new facilities in more affordable cities if there isn’t a steady supply of inexpensive labor.

Rep. Yvette Clarke (D-NY) added that she believed the bill would unfairly favor some immigrants at the expense of black ones. Clarke is the leader of the Congressional Black Caucus’ immigration task team (CBC).

After receiving approval for a green card, the idea enables immigrant workers to receive permanent work permits. Foreigners with employment authorization permits are able to hold down a job until they are granted a green card. This provides businesses with a workaround for bringing in inexpensive white-collar labor through a never-ending supply of overseas workers. Green cards ultimately enable immigrants to petition for citizenship for both themselves and their families.

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