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Video Shows Us Soldier Appearing To Let Migrants Onto Private Property In Texas


Video Shows Us Soldier Appearing To Let Migrants Onto Private Property In Texas

Startling video footage seems to depict a US soldier permitting a continuous flow of individuals crossing the border onto privately owned land in Texas. The soldier is seen in the footage shared by Fox LA reporter Bill Melugin, calmly stepping back from a tall fence in Eagle Pass as the gate is unlocked. 

Within a span of slightly over a minute, numerous individuals casually make their way through the opened gate, while others are seen approaching it at a slower pace as the clip concludes. Additionally, a Border Patrol vessel stationed on the nearby river can be observed monitoring the situation.

The female soldier, who seemed to have facilitated the opening of the gate, reappears in the video, observing the newly arrived individuals in a composed manner. As this unfolds, a white bus arrives, accompanied by another vehicle, adding to the scene. According to Melugin, the footage captured on Monday morning depicts a significant group of migrants crossing unlawfully onto privately owned land. It is worth noting that once migrants set foot on US territory, they cannot be denied entry, as the violation of the law occurs when they cross into the country before reaching the gate.

The Texas National Guard refuted claims that the soldier in question belonged to their ranks. Instead, they clarified that the individual identified was “a Title 10 soldier from the Missouri Army National Guard” who had been deployed by the federal government and was collaborating with the Border Patrol, as reported by Melugin on Twitter.

US Northern Command stated that its personnel stationed at the border are solely there to assist the Border Patrol, who are the only authorized individuals capable of opening the gate.

As of early Tuesday, the Border Patrol had not yet responded to inquiries seeking their comments on the matter.

Nonetheless, according to an undisclosed source cited by The Post, the video did not capture anything out of the ordinary as the migrants were already present on US territory.

Nevertheless, the video clip ignited a substantial amount of outrage on various online platforms.

“It’s harder to get into most secure office buildings,” one person called it “ridiculous.”

Following the release of the video, it was revealed that approximately 530,000 individuals, referred to as ‘gotaways,’ had entered the country illegally but had not been apprehended since last October.

With the lifting of Title 42, the pandemic-related law that permitted the expulsion of many migrants, it is anticipated that more individuals will make their way to the United States.

President Biden, despite this situation, has consistently asserted that the situation at the Mexico border is “much better than you all expected.”

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