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US Man Walks Into FBI Office – Confesses To Killing Woman In 1979


US Man Walks Into FBI Office – Confesses To Killing Woman In 1979

A recent development in Oregon involves a 69-year-old man named John Michael Irmer, who walked into an FBI field office and admitted to a brutal incident from nearly 44 years ago. According to prosecutors, he confessed to the murder and rape of Susan Marcia Rose, a Pennsylvania native he had met at a Boston skating rink in 1979.

Notably, another individual had been initially charged and tried for this violent crime in June 1981 but was ultimately acquitted.

Last month, Irmer casually entered the FBI field office in Portland and disclosed to agents that he had encountered a red-haired woman at a skating rink near Halloween, as stated by the DA’s Office. Subsequently, they both entered a residence on Beacon Street, which was undergoing renovations at the time. Irmer proceeded to seize a hammer and assaulted her by striking her in the head, followed by an alleged rape. He reportedly departed for New York the following day.

According to investigators, the victim, Susan Marcia Rose, who had red hair, was the individual discovered bludgeoned at the residence on Beacon Street, a day prior to Halloween, as detailed by prosecutors. She sustained skull fractures and brain injuries.

The Suffolk DA’s Office reported that Irmer’s DNA was found to match samples preserved from the crime scene. During his arraignment on Monday, Irmer largely remained concealed behind a courtroom partition, as per CBS Boston. He was detained without bail on charges of murder and aggravated rape.

Prosecutors revealed in court that Irmer had allegedly expressed his desire to “confess to several murders” to FBI agents in Oregon.

Furthermore, he admitted to the murder of an additional individual in the southern region. Assistant District Attorney John Verner informed the court that this case is currently under investigation.

As reported by the newspaper, Irmer had previously been found guilty of robbing and killing a drug dealer in San Francisco in 1983. Verner mentioned that he served a 30-year prison sentence for this particular homicide.

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