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US Aid to Taiwan Won’t Deter China


US Aid to Taiwan Won’t Deter China

The Chinese government recently condemned the White House’s recent military assistance offer of $345 million to Taiwan. Despite expressing strong opposition to this decision, China maintained that the aid would not dissuade its efforts to annex the democratic island.

On July 28, the Biden administration revealed a comprehensive military aid package designed to enhance Taiwan’s defense capabilities using resources from the existing US military inventory. Taiwanese officials welcomed this significant military support and acknowledged that it further strengthened the relationship between Taipei and Washington.

According to a statement by Chen Binhua, the Chinese regime’s spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office, the recent military aid package from the White House to Taiwan will have no effect on their government’s determination to reunite with what they consider “our motherland.” Binhua dismissed the impact of how Taiwanese separatist forces use the funds or how many US weapons are sent to the island. He further criticized the actions of the White House, stating that they are escalating tensions in the Taiwan Strait and turning the island into a potential “powder keg,” increasing the threat of war in the region.

Indeed, over the past few decades, the Chinese government has maintained its claim of sovereignty over Taiwan, despite the island being governed independently as a democratic entity. Taiwan has successfully developed its own institutions, including a democratic government, military forces, and its own currency. This independent development has allowed Taiwan to establish itself as a prosperous and self-governing nation, even though its political status remains a contentious issue in the international arena. The situation has led to complex diplomatic relations and ongoing tensions between China and Taiwan, with both sides holding contrasting views on the island’s political status.

As per reports, the recent package presented by the Biden administration comprises surveillance tools, firearms, missiles, portable air defense systems, and other items. While military aid has been sent to Taiwan by Washington in the past, this latest shipment is considered distinct since it originates directly from American stockpiles. The Democratic island currently benefits from approximately $20 billion in military aid from the White House, which includes F-16s and various types of military equipment that are still on their way.

Since assuming power, Chinese leader Xi Jinping has consistently emphasized that reunification with Taiwan is a top priority for his administration. In various speeches, he has made it clear that China is willing to employ its military capabilities without hesitation, should it be deemed necessary to achieve this objective.

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