Tucker Carlson Gets Sit Down Interview With Vladimir Putin

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Ex-Fox News reporter Tucker Carlson conducted a contentious interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, sharing it via his Twitter profile on February 8. The interview occurred in Moscow, Russia’s capital, spanning close to three hours and was recorded on February 6.

Communicating via an interpreter, the Russian leader discussed various subjects, touching on his country’s military capabilities. Putin asserted that Russia was leading in the development of hypersonic strike systems, surpassing the United States and other nations globally. Additionally, he highlighted ongoing enhancements within the Russian armed forces in this regard.

Putin informed Carlson that the Kremlin was open to negotiations to address the conflict in Ukraine. He stated that the Western side, in his view, was hindering these talks, suggesting they lacked a genuine desire to end the war. Additionally, he characterized Ukraine as a satellite state of the United States and the West, cautioning Carlson not to interpret his words as intended to provoke offense.

The Russian leader further clarified that for the West to contribute effectively to ending the war and reaching a resolution, it needed to halt the provision of weapons to the Ukrainian government. Putin conveyed to the ex-Fox News anchor that if the United States and its European counterparts implemented this measure, the conflict would conclude within a few weeks.

Putin also addressed the case of Evan Gershkovich, the Wall Street Journal journalist who was detained. Carlson inquired why Russian authorities hadn’t released him, suggesting he was merely a young individual.

Putin countered, asserting that Gershkovich was unlawfully seeking classified information. Nonetheless, he proposed that the Wall Street Journal journalist could be freed promptly if the Biden administration consented to certain conditions and was open to negotiating a prisoner exchange with the Kremlin.

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