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Trump’s Adviser Sentenced, Gets Four Months in Prison


Trump’s Adviser Sentenced, Gets Four Months in Prison

Peter Navarro, a former advisor to ex-President Donald Trump, was found guilty of contempt of court in September 2023. His recently issued sentence entails a four-month imprisonment due to his refusal to comply with a congressional subpoena. Following the pronouncement of his destiny, he promptly lodged an appeal.

Navarro was convicted on two charges related to his failure to furnish the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol with the requested documents and his refusal to comply with an order to testify before the committee.

Confronted with the prospect of serving a sentence ranging from one to six months, Navarro encountered prosecutors advocating for the maximum penalty. This stance was rooted in Navarro’s prioritization of loyalty to former President Donald Trump over legal obligations, as reported by NBC News. The jury deliberated for a mere four hours before reaching their verdict.

Apart from the four-month incarceration ordered by US District Judge Amit P. Mehta, the ex-White House staffer was also fined $9,500. The judge emphasized to Navarro that, as an American, it was his responsibility to collaborate with Congress, even in the presence of objections to the investigation.

Mehta also reprimanded the accused for mistakenly believing that executive privilege would bestow upon him the authority to disregard a subpoena.

Navarro asserts that he is a target of a manipulated justice system. His attorney, Stanley Woodward, requested the judge to postpone the sentencing, citing the unique circumstances of the case. Woodward highlighted that the former advisor genuinely believed he was fulfilling his duty and held the belief that Trump had invoked executive privilege.

Mehta agreed to review a summary of the argument, granting Navarro a one-week period to submit the document before making a decision on the stay. This judgment comes in the wake of another notable figure connected to the January 6 case, Steve Bannon, who received a four-month sentence in October 2022. Bannon has not commenced serving any portion of that sentence and is presently seeking to overturn it.

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