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Trump Fundraises Off of Mugshot T-Shirt


Trump Fundraises Off of Mugshot T-Shirt

On April 4, former President Donald Trump was brought before a judge in Manhattan. He was arrested and charged with 34 felonies before the hearing. Even though he was indicted, his popularity hasn’t gone down, and his team is doing something pretty unique to raise money.

When Trump was arrested on Tuesday, officials didn’t take a mugshot, according to reports. Even so, his campaign put a fake one on T-shirts and sold them to people who liked him. On the shirt, his name and the date he was arrested are written next to a black-and-white picture of his face. It also says “45-47,” which means he was the 45th president and wants to be the 47th as well.

Fans can buy the shirt for $36 if they want to.

All of the charges against the former president are related to alleged “catch and kill” plots in the months before the 2016 election. Prosecutors say that Trump broke the law by giving money back to people who could have hurt him politically. Alvin Bragg, the district attorney, says that he illegally changed business records to hide the payments. For example, Stormy Daniels, who used to be in adult films, was paid $130,000 not to say that she had an affair with Trump when he was married to Melania Trump in the early 2000s.

During the arraignment, Trump said he was not guilty of all the charges against him. He says that the accusations are just more of the so-called “political witch hunt” that led to him being removed from office twice while he was in office. Since the news of the indictment came out, people have given his campaign for president millions of dollars.

Michael Cohen, the former lawyer for the former president, is said to be one of the most important witnesses against him. He has already been to prison for breaking federal campaign laws because of the Daniels payment.

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