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Train Derails Into Montana’s Yellowstone River


Train Derails Into Montana’s Yellowstone River

After a bridge collapsed, the train apparently ran off the tracks and into the Yellowstone River, as reported by local media.

“I’m monitoring the train derailment in Stillwater County, and the state is standing by to support as Montana Rail Link and county officials assess their needs,” Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte wrote on social media Saturday just before noon.

Authorities say multiple vehicles crashed into the Yellowstone River, and now fuel is spilling into the waterway.

“Currently Stillwater County Emergency Services, Sheriff’s Office, Commissioners, Columbus Fire & Rescue are on scene with Montana Rail Link and other State agencies. Additionally, Stillwater County and Montana Rail Link are coordinating with Federal Response Agencies. We have formally established a unified command and are using the incident command system,” a statement attributed to Stillwater County Disaster and Emergency Services reads.

On Saturday morning, the Yellowstone County Sheriff’s Office issued a statement on the disaster.

“Yellowstone County DES was notified of a train derailment in Stillwater County early this morning. Multiple tanker cars were damaged and are leaking petroleum products near the Yellowstone River. 

“Resources are being dispatched and multiple agencies are assisting. There is no immediate threat to Yellowstone County,” the statement continues. “Precautions are being put in place. Local Fishing Accesses will be closed. Water treatment plants, irrigation districts, and industrial companies are taking appropriate precautions.”

According to Montana Rail Link, nobody was hurt in the accident. Everyone on board the train has been confirmed to be safe.


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