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The Squad’s Troubles Keep Pouring In


The Squad’s Troubles Keep Pouring In

The House faction recognized as “The Squad” has expanded since its inception. Representatives Cori Bush (D-MO) and Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) have recently joined its ranks, each encountering their own set of obstacles.

Bowman and Bush are both confronting primary opponents in the upcoming election cycle. In Missouri District 1, Attorney Wesley Bell is vying against Bush. As reported by The Hill, Federal Election Commission records revealed that Bell surpassed the congresswoman in fundraising during the final quarter of 2023. Bell amassed $492,149 compared to Bush’s $487,000.

Bell emphasized the necessity for a proactive, effective lawmaker in Missouri’s district, emphasizing the importance of consistent presence and tangible results. He further expressed his enthusiasm for the significant surge of support propelling his campaign forward.

Bush is presently the subject of a federal inquiry following accusations suggesting potential misuse of campaign finances. The Democratic representative enlisted her current spouse to provide security for her following the January 6, 2021, assault on the Capitol Building.

Last year, the Office of Congressional Ethics unanimously dismissed the complaint lodged against her, but the Department of Justice continues to conduct its own independent investigation. Additionally, the House Ethics Committee is currently scrutinizing her conduct.

Bowman is encountering a strong contender in New York District 16, where George Latimer, a Westchester County executive, amassed $1.4 million in fundraising compared to Bowman’s $724,000 during the final quarter of 2023.

The campaign spokesperson for the congressman, Bill Neidhardt, pointed out a vulnerability of the moderate Democrat. Neidhardt highlighted the congressman’s ties to prominent Republican Trump donors, citing instances where conservative donors have hosted fundraising events for him.

Similar to Bush, Bowman is contending with challenges in his campaign. Last year, the congressman triggered a fire alarm in Congress and admitted guilt to a misdemeanor charge. 

Additionally, resurfaced footage shows him espousing conspiracy theories about September 11th during his tenure as a high school principal. Bowman attributed this to his academic pursuits while pursuing his doctoral degree.

Both Bowman and Bush represent districts typically considered secure Democratic strongholds, yet it seems that some donors perceive the lawmakers as overly aligned with liberal ideals.

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