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Texas DPS Drone Captures Footage Of Heavily Armed Cartel Near Rio Grande


Texas DPS Drone Captures Footage Of Heavily Armed Cartel Near Rio Grande

In the early morning hours of Thursday, drones from the Texas Department of Public Safety captured footage of heavily armed cartel members near the Rio Grande. Cartel members do this on purpose to strike fear into the hearts of law enforcers.

Lieutenant Olivarez: “This type of intimidation tactic is commonly used to disrupt law enforcement operations. DPS will maintain a proactive posture & deny illicit transnational criminal activity near the Texas-Mexico border.”

The Biden Administration has given the Mexican Cartels the confidence that they can get away with such behavior. They’ve been ignoring the southern border on purpose, giving cartels more power to threaten authorities.

Since the federal government isn’t concerned with border security, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) has stepped in to fill the void.

Patriot Alert has been covering the border consistently since the Biden Regime was installed in January of 2021.

We already had issues with the Cartel, and now we have a flood of illegal immigrants. Two Venezuelan illegal immigrants attacked a National Guardsman with deadly force on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, two illegal aliens from Venezuela violently assaulted a National Guard Soldier in El Paso, Texas. According to Fox News’s Bill Melugin: “A woman grabbed the soldier around the neck, trying to push him down, while a male grabbed his leg, causing him to fall into razor wire. Both arrested.”

The illegals are getting the word that the United States is an open door. That border laws are not being enforced is common knowledge among the illegals. What’s worse is that they’re attacking our heroic warriors because they’ve become accustomed to breaking the law.

Assaults like the one described by Border Report at Gate 36, where many illegal immigrants try to cross into the United States, are unfortunately all too prevalent. The illegal immigrants were later named as 33-year-old Yoel Jesus Guerra Urdaneta and 38-year-old Karla Dividay Matar Jaimes. The Texas Department of Public Safety said both were arrested for assault.

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