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Terror Attack Thwarted By FBI


Terror Attack Thwarted By FBI

It has been reported that a terrorist assault in Las Vegas, Nevada, was prevented by US police. The alleged plotter behind the attack was a teenage boy who had pledged his devotion to the Islamic terrorist organization ISIS.

According to FOX News, a conservative news network, the 16-year-old suspect threatened to launch “lone wolf operations” against anybody who disagree with “Allah” in a social media post he made on November 28. In addition to pledging to “make sure” that every “Zionist” in the city “knows it,” the adolescent said he completely supports the “Islamic State.”

Federal investigators discovered terrorist propaganda and various components to construct explosive devices during the arrest, according to Dori Koren, deputy chief of the Special Operations Division of Homeland Security, who spoke at a press conference. According to him, the suspect’s social media posts had Arabic text and an ISIS flag, which he shared with reporters.

The adolescent was located at his house “within hours” after his post, according to Koren, who also revealed that the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s counter-terrorism branch and the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force were quick to respond. He went on to say that SWAT forces and other law enforcement agencies had executed multiple warrants in an effort to capture the adolescent and disrupt the terrorist operation. Koren assured reporters that no agents were injured and expressed his belief that the incident was a rare occurrence that was “mitigated” by the authorities.

When asked about the items discovered at the suspect’s residence, Koren stated that investigators retrieved materials related to al-Qaeda propaganda and instructions for carrying out a terrorist act. Due to his youth, the suspect cannot be named, but he faces five counts of terroristic threats, attempting to commit a terrorist attack, possessing explosive components, and providing material support to a terrorist group.

All of these charges are felonies, and the Nevada office of the Clark County District Attorney will legally prosecute the case. Koren informed reporters that the investigation is far from over and that additional details regarding the case will be released by the authorities in the coming weeks.

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