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Swat Team Responds To Rifle-wielding Woman At Trump Tower Chicago


Swat Team Responds To Rifle-wielding Woman At Trump Tower Chicago

A woman carrying a gun allegedly entered a Donald Trump-owned skyscraper on Wednesday, raising serious security concerns.

This situation happened one day before the former US president had been accused of fabricating 34 company records to conceal an alleged relationship with a former porn star.

He entered a not guilty plea to each accusation.

Although there was no unrest during Trump’s arraignment, New York authorities were worried that there would be.

Yet, local media reports that on Wednesday morning in Chicago, a police SWAT squad had to be dispatched to Trump Tower.

According to reports, at 11:25 on Wednesday, a “rifle-wielding woman” entered the Trump International Hotel and Tower, which is located in the city’s financial sector and faces the Chicago River.

Officers with guns were summoned to the 98-story structure on North Wabash Avenue.

Nonetheless, it was not believed that the incident had anything to do with the Trumps.

Police were dispatched to the 27th level of the structure where a woman went after complaining that she was “tired of being abused by her husband.”

A resident of Trump Tower claimed to have encountered armed cops after descending to street level for some fresh air. He spoke with the local radio station WBBM.

The man, identified only as Steve, stated, “I came down to the lobby and I was quickly escorted away from the lobby, out of the building and was told not to come back until it was clear. I asked several times what was going on and they wouldn’t acknowledge.”

No public safety threat, according to a Chicago police spokesman, who did not provide further information about the event.

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