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Susan Rice Out at Biden’s White House


Susan Rice Out at Biden’s White House

On April 25th, President Joe Biden declared his candidacy for the next presidential election. The announcement followed his announcement the previous day that Susan Rice, a key member of his administration who directed the White House Domestic Policy Council, would depart from the West Wing next month. Rice is not the only individual to have left the administration.

President Biden revealed on April 24th that Susan Rice would be resigning from her position as the director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, with her last day scheduled for May 26th. In a statement, Biden expressed his confidence in Rice’s abilities, stating that she was highly capable and committed to achieving important objectives for the American people. Rice expressed gratitude towards the president and conveyed her pride in her achievements during her time in office.

Susan Rice became a member of the Biden administration right from the start. She had previously worked with President Biden during Barack Obama’s administration, where she served as a divisive figure as the director. In 2012, Rice gained national recognition when she appeared on several Sunday news programs to discuss the attack in Benghazi.

Following the attack on a US embassy in Libya that resulted in the deaths of four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Susan Rice stated to the public that the incident was connected to an American-made movie that ridiculed Islam. 

However, it was eventually discovered that the Benghazi attack had been premeditated. Rice was subsequently implicated in an unmasking controversy, with former President Donald Trump alleging that she had sought the identities of US citizens who had appeared in intelligence reports about phone and other communications.

Despite the controversies associated with her, Susan Rice was included in Biden’s list of potential candidates for the vice-presidential position, and she was eventually employed in his administration. However, Rice is not the only official who has departed from the government in recent months.

Ron Klain resigned from his role as White House Chief of Staff on January 27. In his resignation letter, he stated that he had been planning his departure since the conclusion of the previous Congress. According to POLITICO, Klain holds the record for being the longest-serving chief of staff for a Democratic president during their first term. Jeff Zients replaced him as chief of staff.

The Brookings Institution monitors the turnover of presidential administrations due to its potential impact on federal government operations. The think-tank reported that as of April 2023, the turnover rate among Biden’s top advisers was 47%. 

The turnover rate during Biden’s second year was similar to that of former President Donald Trump, at 32% and 31% respectively, but significantly higher than Obama, who only experienced a 15% loss of staff during his second year.

It is uncertain where Susan Rice’s future path will take her.

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