Six-Year-Old Student Deliberately Shoots Teacher in School in Newport News, Virginia (Life-Threatening Wound)

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According to police, a male pupil, age 6, shot his adult female teacher at Richneck Elementary in Newport News, Virginia, on purpose on Friday after school. Nobody else was hurt. The alleged shooter has been apprehended. The teacher has a life-threatening wound and is hospitalized, but she has made progress.

According to Police Chief Steve Drew, a 6-year-old kid fought with his teacher before shooting her with a revolver. The youngster was arrested. No college students were hurt. The 30-year-old instructor is in critical condition due to her injuries.

A 6-year-old pupil who saw the shooting, but whose mother asked that her daughter’s name not be publicized, reported seeing it. The young woman claimed to a reporter that one of her first-grade classmates deliberately shot their teacher.

The girl claimed that the teacher was shot in the stomach and collapsed to her knees.

Despite the fact that no kids were hurt in this incident, which happened about 2 pm, tactical teams were rushed into the building.

Parents gathered outside the school in alarm, according to a local story that was earlier released.

A news outlet said, “1 adult female teacher shot, transported, injuries still considered life threating. A 6-yo male student in police custody, Occurred in a classroom, isolated, not a situation where an individual was going up and down the hall actively firing.”

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