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Senate GOP Protests Open Border Policy with Walkout


Senate GOP Protests Open Border Policy with Walkout

Chuck Schumer, the Democratic Senate Majority Leader from New York, put forth an enticing proposition to Republicans, aiming to persuade their endorsement of the Biden administration’s relief package, totaling nearly $110 billion for Ukraine and Israel.

Angry GOP members staged a walkout in objection to the proposal, which failed to address their concerns regarding the nation’s seemingly lenient approach to immigration. Allegedly, they refuse to support another foreign relief package until the Left consents to incorporating their comprehensive border defense bill.

The Democrats’ proposed relief plan, allocating $14 billion for the nationwide resettlement of migrants, has sparked frustration among the majority of Republicans. Schumer claims to be introducing a compromise, but in reality, he’s only offering the Right the opportunity to include a single amendment to address their diverse border security issues.

According to reports, House Speaker Mike Johnson informed Schumer that GOP members were unwilling to support any spending proposals that didn’t include HR 2 or the complete Secure the Border Act of 2023. HR 2, approved in a House vote in May, would require the continuation of all border wall projects initiated before former President Donald Trump’s departure, which were halted by President Joe Biden’s administration.

It also encompasses provisions aimed at enhancing security in border regions, overhauling asylum practices, safeguarding migrants from unjust detention, and ensuring that children remain with their parents, provided none of them committed any additional offenses while entering the country illegally.

No Democrat supported the bill, as all 219 Republican House members voted in favor. The only dissenting Republican votes came from John S. Duarte (CA) and Thomas Massie (KY), while Greg Pence (IN), another GOP member, did not take part in the vote.

Republicans are fed up with the policies of the Biden administration and are urging the White House to prioritize securing the southern border. Their walk-out serves as a clear message to Democrats, indicating their seriousness and unwillingness to engage in further negotiations on the matter.

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