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Sean Hannity Relocates to Florida


Sean Hannity Relocates to Florida

Exhausted with progressive policies, Sean Hannity, a Fox News personality, has now relocated to a more conservative state. The native New Yorker told his audience that he fled to Florida from the Empire State’s stifling crime rate, overly stringent rules, and exorbitant taxes. Despite being late to the evacuation, he claims he hasn’t encountered anyone who has felt remorse for their choice.

Hannity published the announcement on his Facebook page, and it came during a Fox News show. He begins by congratulating viewers on their arrival in the year 2024 and then goes on to mention his new home, “the great free state of Florida.” He went on to say that he was leaving New York for good, and that he is now relishing the mild climate, reduced crime rates, and other advantages of his new home. The best part is that he is exempt from paying state income tax anymore.

The “mass migrations” would go on, according to Hannity, unless the governors of blue states made certain policy changes. He asserts that they are alienating employees and will lose even more of them as a result of the problems they have caused due to their inept management decisions.

Furthermore, he emphasized that people from all walks of life may have an impact in the 2024 elections by casting their ballots for the causes they care about. He urged his audience to remember that they can still change their leaders and lead their nation (and maybe the globe) toward a better future.

According to Hannity, there will be far-reaching consequences from this year’s elections. Furthermore, he asserts that no one can forecast the outcome because it is so unpredictable. Regardless of who the Republicans choose to run for president, he says, Democrats will attack Joe Biden’s character and ignore his shortcomings.

While New York City had one of the largest resident losses in U.S. history—a loss of almost 102,000 people—Florida witnessed a 1.6% surge in July 2023, according to the New York Post.

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