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RFK Jr. Issues Apology Over Sketchy Super Bowl Ad


RFK Jr. Issues Apology Over Sketchy Super Bowl Ad

Over 202 million Americans tuned in to catch a glimpse of the NFL’s Super Bowl LVII on February 11. As usual, the vast viewership made it an ideal platform for those aiming to convey their messages and advertisements to the American populace. However, securing advertising slots came with a significant cost, priced at $7 million for a mere 30 seconds.

A super PAC backing Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) Jr., an independent candidate for president, acquired one of the slots. The advertisement it chose to air stirred controversy within his family. Consequently, the presidential hopeful issued an apology for its content.

RFK Jr. has frequently evoked the nostalgia surrounding the Kennedy Family throughout his campaign, initially as a Democratic candidate and now as an Independent. The rationale behind this is quite clear. His family was once regarded as political royalty within the United States, with RFK Jr.’s uncle being the former President John F. Kennedy.

RFK Jr.’s father, RFK Sr., held various significant roles within his uncle’s administration, initially as Attorney General before his tragic assassination, followed by his tenure as a senator, and ultimately as a presidential contender. His life was tragically cut short while he was campaigning for the presidency.

The advertisement aired on Super Bowl Sunday sought to stir the nostalgia linked to his family that the American public may harbor. Notably, it was a recreation of a 1960 advertisement utilized by his uncle, JFK, in his presidential campaign. This original ad was so impactful that it is remembered even after over 60 years have passed.

The videos below show the original ad and the next one shows an ad supporting RKF Jr.

Bobby Shriver, the son of Eunice Shriver, expressed criticism of the advertisement on X, previously known as Twitter. He remarked that the ad featured the faces of his mother and uncle. Shriver further asserted that his late mother, who was the sister of JFK and RFK Sr., would have been horrified by RFK Jr.’s dangerous healthcare perspectives.

Maria Shriver echoed her brother’s statement, suggesting that she shared his sentiments regarding their cousin’s advertisement.

Robert Shrum, an advisor to the Kennedy family, conveyed to The New York Times that RFK Jr. continues to repeat the same actions. He noted that both RFK Jr.’s father and uncle, former Senator Ted Kennedy, made deliberate efforts to avoid exploiting JFK’s memory and tragic loss when they pursued political positions.

RFK Jr. apologized to his family, explaining that the American Values Super PAC was responsible for the advertisement’s creation, and clarifying that he had no role in its production. Despite this, he shared it on his X profile.

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