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Radical Eco-Terrorist Groups Plan ‘Summer of Chaos’ to Disrupt America


Radical Eco-Terrorist Groups Plan ‘Summer of Chaos’ to Disrupt America

According to a recent report, European climate activists on the far-left are planning a series of acts of civil disobedience in the United States with the aim of causing chaos throughout the summer. These activists, including Extinction Rebellion (XR) and other European groups known for their disruptive strategies, are increasing their influence in the US under the banner of “Declare Emergency.” Their goal is to instigate widespread disruption and disorder in American cities.

According to leaked information from a videoconference, European activists have been providing training to new recruits in the United States. The training sessions focus on techniques for fundraising, expanding their membership, and identifying individuals who are willing to engage in aggressive protests and potentially violent riots. Although these groups have effectively mobilized large numbers of protesters and caused significant economic damage in Europe, it is uncertain if they will be able to achieve the same level of disruption in the United States.

Roger Hallam, one of the co-founders of Extinction Rebellion (XR) and Declare Emergency, has revealed intentions to actively recruit 1,000 new members in the upcoming weeks. He also stated that the organization recently managed to raise $1 million. Despite the relatively minor effects of Declare Emergency in the United States up until now, which primarily involved actions such as defacing artwork and obstructing roads, Hallam remains optimistic about the potential for significant disruption in the US. He references past civil rights protests and the 2020 George Floyd riots as examples of similar events that have achieved substantial impact.

Declare Emergency is an organization that urges President Joe Biden to acknowledge a nationwide climate emergency and promptly address it by implementing measures to decrease pollution. They work in conjunction with international activists through the A22 Network, which comprises various groups like France’s Last Renovation and Germany’s Last Generation. These groups are recognized for their disruptive tactics, such as temporarily pausing the Tour de France and engaging in confrontations with German law enforcement.

During their teleconference, the activists engaged in conversations about hunger strikes and causing disruptions on highways, but they refrained from divulging explicit details about their protest strategies. Nevertheless, they emphasized their intention to direct their efforts towards Washington, D.C., and New York City. Tim Martin, the social media organizer for the group, who is currently facing charges for conspiring to vandalize artwork, anticipated additional actions targeting federal properties such as museums.

The activists, despite their aspirations, encounter difficulties in maintaining unity and have expressed their frustrations over ideological disagreements that impede their ability to take action. Members from Last Renovation group particularly emphasized the significance of implementing climate protests in the United States inspired by Europe, without addressing the fact that China holds the title of the world’s largest polluter. The discussion did not involve any mention of plans to protest against the Chinese Communist Party.

In recent times, climate protests in Europe have drawn the participation of tens of thousands of individuals, leading to disruptions in private jet trade fairs and the blocking of airports. The Biden administration, along with other governments worldwide, has established ambitious targets to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and transition towards renewable energy sources. However, this transition to green energy does not incorporate zero-emission nuclear energy or low-emission natural gas.

John Kerry, the climate envoy of the United States, has proposed that farmers should reduce their food production in order to align with the administration’s climate objectives. Kerry’s statements stirred up controversy as he highlighted the necessity of mitigating methane emissions, particularly targeting livestock farming, and suggesting a reduction in meat consumption as a means to safeguard the planet.

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