NYC Anti-migrant Rally Turns Violent At Clash With Counter-protesters Outside Gracie Mansion

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Protesters representing opposing viewpoints in the migrant dispute confronted each other outside Gracie Mansion this Sunday. In the midst of the ongoing crisis in New York City, law enforcement officials endeavored to maintain order among the tumultuous gathering. Amid the commotion, a portion of the 100-plus demonstrators engaged in shouting matches and physical altercations on the Upper East Side, with some criticizing City Hall’s management of the situation and others attempting to drown out their voices.

“No migrants on Long Island! We pay a lot of property taxes!” a supporter of Donald Trump raised their voice in protest outside the residence of Mayor Eric Adams in Manhattan.

“Americans over migrants!” another supporter chanted.

Individuals from the group opposed to asylum seekers displayed signs expressing concerns about migrants entering without thorough screening, emphasizing that our security is at significant risk.

The tense confrontation occurred amidst the arrival of approximately 100,000 migrants from the southern border of the US, inundating the five boroughs. In response, Mayor Adams has been compelled to establish a minimum of 200 emergency shelters to accommodate them. 

These facilities encompass a substantial tent city with 3,000 beds on Randall’s Island. This situation has generated discontent among residents who express apprehension that the surge of migrants could potentially lead to volatile circumstances.

Curtis Sliwa, the founder of the Guardian Angels and a former mayoral candidate, was present in the crowd of disgruntled New Yorkers outside Gracie Mansion on Sunday. He was also among the few who were apprehended by the police. Sliwa drew a comparison between himself and Mahatma Gandhi, the leader of India’s nonviolent independence movement, in a mocking manner. This contrast was directed at Mayor Adams, who had recently likened his own thoughts and actions to those of Gandhi amidst his challenges.

This marked the third instance within less than two weeks that Sliwa found himself restrained while participating in protests at migrant sites.

In the previous week, he was arrested during a demonstration outside the now-closed Island Shores Senior Residences in Midland Beach on Staten Island, which had been repurposed as a migrant shelter.

On August 16, Sliwa was similarly taken into custody while protesting outside the Creedmoor Psychiatric Center in Queens.

Within the assembly of over 100 individuals, the predominant contingent was composed of vociferous “patriots” who aligned with Trump’s ideology. They engaged in a spirited standoff with an equally vocal group of counter-protesters. Sliwa, forming a smaller third faction, was also part of the confrontational scene.

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