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Mother Joins Son in Jail Over Allegedly Helping to Plot Deadly Shooting


Mother Joins Son in Jail Over Allegedly Helping to Plot Deadly Shooting

Loved ones are grieving the loss of an 18-year-old woman who was tragically shot at a Florida Home Depot. The victim, Brooklyn Sims, is survived by her 2-year-old daughter. Authorities have disclosed that the individual suspected of the shooting, 20-year-old Keith Agee, was apprehended by the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office on August 11. It’s been suggested by law enforcement that the suspect fatally shot his girlfriend at a Pensacola Home Depot earlier on the same day. Additionally, law enforcement officials have recently asserted that Keith Agee’s mother, 50-year-old Sheila Agee, is believed to have been involved in orchestrating the shooting, as alleged by the department on August 14.

In a Facebook post, the police department indicated, “It Seems Momma Helped Suspected Murderer.” Authorities claim to have found text messages exchanged between the two individuals suspected of involvement, revealing the mother’s role in the scheme. Shortly before the tragic incident, Keith purportedly messaged his mother, expressing his intent to “shoot her.” He conveyed his distress over the situation concerning their daughter but mentioned that he could no longer tolerate the financial burden posed by Sims.

Reportedly, Sheila supposedly replied in agreement and urged him to take action, asserting that failing to do so would indicate weakness. She cautioned her son against contacting their nanny, as she believed the nanny would dissuade him from his intentions. Subsequently, the mother collaborated on the timing of the event, informing her son that she would provide Sims with a ride. 

However, she advised against shooting at her vehicle to prevent any unintended harm to herself. Allegedly, Keith assured his mother that he would wait until Sims exited the car before carrying out the shooting.

Following a series of discussions, Keith and Sheila eventually reached a consensus that it would be more advantageous to shoot Sims while she was present at Home Depot. Keith expressed an unsettling anticipation of witnessing Sims’ realization that her life was coming to an end.

Law enforcement officials have taken Sheila into custody and formally charged her with first-degree murder. She was apprehended in Alabama and will be transported back to Florida as part of the extradition process.

Breland Carter, Sims’ brother, shared with the media that his sister possessed a radiant personality capable of brightening up an entire room.

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