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More Senior Staffers Quit On Biden


More Senior Staffers Quit On Biden

In light of data that people are undecided about supporting President Biden’s reelection as an octogenarian, two more senior staff members are leaving the Biden administration.

Chief of Staff Ron Klain’s most recent senior advisor, Remi Yamamoto, is about to quit her position.

Since Biden’s campaign, Yamamoto has been by his side while purposefully keeping a low profile within the president’s close-knit group of devoted aides.

Her resignation follows that of White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield, who was formerly referred to by President Donald Trump as a member of Joe Biden’s “team of killers” in charge of slanting news stories in the administration’s favor. Bedingfield assisted Biden’s 2020 campaign as the deputy manager.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre criticized Trump for his critiques of Bedingfield’s work on behalf of Biden after announcing Bedingfield’s departure.

“I understand that after a certain previous occupant of this White House, whose name will be nameless, but — as you know who this person is — he got angry and yelled and said, quote, ‘Biden has a team of killers. All I’ve got — all I’ve got is a defense. Okay, that was in the campaign. That was — the campaign communications team started calling Kate and the captain — the captain of the Team of Killers.”

Senior presidential staff members frequently change jobs, particularly in the second half of a first term, but recent turnover may also be explained by Biden’s plummeting support among voters, according to recent polls.

Biden is “too old for another term,” according to roughly 7 in 10 respondents, according to a March YouGov survey, with more Democrats agreeing than disagreeing with the statement. The president receives overwhelmingly positive reviews from his party for his work.

Media members are speculating that Biden would want to secure his legacy through a single term rather than risk it in a bitter reelection campaign based on some of his most recent utterances.

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