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Mayorkas Defies Impeachment Articles, Claims They Are ‘False’


Mayorkas Defies Impeachment Articles, Claims They Are ‘False’

Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of Homeland Security, has refuted impeachment charges, asserting the falsehood of the accusations. He urges Congress to enact legislation for enhancing immigration laws in the United States. Additionally, he has committed to abstaining from testifying in any impeachment hearings.

The House Homeland Security Committee will categorize the articles prior to presenting them for a vote on the House floor. Should the Senate, under Democratic control, decide to remove Mayorkas, it would mark the initial instance of a Cabinet member being ousted in nearly 150 years.According to the two articles of impeachment, Mayorkas is accused of deliberately and systematically violating immigration law and betraying the trust of the public.

In reply to Chairman Mark Green (R-TN), Mayorkas responded to the accusations, assuring Green that the unfounded charges do not distract him from his duties in law enforcement or the overarching public service objective.

In their 29-page report, Democrats on the House Homeland Security Committee argued that the impeachment effort is entirely futile. They emphasized that it lacks charges that could constitute treason, bribery, or other significant crimes and misdemeanors, which are the constitutional grounds for removing a cabinet secretary.

The context for his removal centers around an unprecedented influx of undocumented immigrants. Republicans assert that this is not incidental but rather an unconstitutional policy. The resolution to impeach the secretary was approved with an 18-15 vote.

The Department of Homeland Security and Democrats have opposed the impeachment effort, contending that it is politically motivated. 

On Sunday, the agency voiced its disapproval of the impeachment articles, asserting that they divert attention from crucial national security priorities and the legislative work required to address our flawed immigration laws.

The conservative viewpoint argues that the phrase “fix our broken immigration laws” is a veiled reference to advocating for open borders, and any expressed worry about the substantial surge of migrants is considered insincere.

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