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Massive Brawl Breaks out Outside Glendale, CA School Board as Armenian Parents Take on the LGBT


Massive Brawl Breaks out Outside Glendale, CA School Board as Armenian Parents Take on the LGBT

A massive altercation occurred outside the Glendale School Board meeting in Los Angeles when parents, particularly from the Armenian-American community, gathered to voice their opposition to the school’s pride events. Predictably, a significant number of left-wing activists, often associated with Antifa, also arrived in large numbers, resulting in a violent clash where participants from both sides threw forceful punches. To mitigate the situation and prevent severe harm, law enforcement exerted a strong presence, forcefully separating those involved in the fight.

In the second video, a man wearing a black helmet appears to stumble towards the police officers, seeking refuge from the ongoing brawl.

On Tuesday, city and school authorities were preparing for a potentially tense school board meeting where opposing groups of protesters and speakers supporting or opposing LGBTQ+ rights were expected to confront each other regarding issues concerning the inclusion of gender and sexuality in school education.

The agenda for the evening board meeting, which was set to commence at 5 p.m., included a vote on officially recognizing June as Pride month. This meeting occurred in the midst of heightened tensions surrounding LGBTQ+ rights, as evidenced by a recent incident at a North Hollywood elementary school where protesters engaged in violent clashes during a Pride-themed assembly.

Over the past few weeks, Glendale school board meetings have witnessed the presence of protesters, specifically anti-LGBTQ+ activists, who have been voicing their concerns regarding the district staff’s approach to LGBTQ+ content.

According to Glendale police, these protests have primarily involved verbal confrontations without any physical altercations. However, authorities have stated that they will be present at Tuesday’s meeting to ensure security and maintain order.

Glendale boasts a significant population of Armenian-Americans, to the extent that it surpasses any other city outside of Armenia itself. Estimates suggest that Armenians make up around 40 percent of the city’s population. Given the prevalence of traditional values within the Armenian community, there is a general resistance towards the forceful imposition of progressive ideologies.

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