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Manhunt Underway In Tennessee For Convicted Sex Offender Who Broke Out Of Transport Van And Vanished


Manhunt Underway In Tennessee For Convicted Sex Offender Who Broke Out Of Transport Van And Vanished

A search operation is currently in progress in Tennessee as authorities pursue a man accused of multiple drug and child pornography violations. The individual managed to escape from a police transport vehicle while en route to a court appearance in Greeneville on Wednesday morning.

Upon their arrival at the courthouse, law enforcement discovered a broken window in the van, with the rear compartment completely empty.

According to Jamie Mosley, the Jailer of Laurel County, it seems that while being transported, the inmate managed to use a part of the van’s headrest to release himself from his handcuffs.

Following that, Williams successfully manipulated the protective barrier and removed the side window from the rear of the transport vehicle, as per Mosley’s statement. The precise method by which Williams removed his restraints while inside the van remains undisclosed.

Law enforcement is in an urgent quest for the escaped individual and has cautioned that he is both extremely desperate and poses a significant threat.

Following his escape, Williams was seen in Greeneville wearing bloodied attire, suggesting that he might have sustained injuries during his daring break. He approached a residence and asked to use a phone but was turned away. Since that occurrence, there have been no additional reports of Williams’ whereabouts.

Before this escape, Williams had already been designated as a high-risk escapee due to two prior alleged escape attempts from correctional facilities over the summer. He was indicted on charges related to the production of child pornography in September, stemming from his arrest in April when police discovered cocaine and methamphetamine in his vehicle during a search.

Williams is additionally involved in a legal case initiated by former U.S. Attorney Kateri Dahl. This lawsuit asserts that the Johnson City Police Department mishandled an inquiry into numerous allegations of sexual assault against Williams.

Within her legal action, Dahl contends that her attempts to probe Williams were obstructed by the police department. Among these accusations was an incident in which a woman fell from his fifth-floor apartment window to the ground below, remarkably surviving the fall.

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