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Lindsey Graham Claims Biden “Has Screwed the World Up Every Way You Can”


Lindsey Graham Claims Biden “Has Screwed the World Up Every Way You Can”

Senator Lindsey Graham from South Carolina and President Joe Biden had a tight bond in earlier years. Roughly a decade ago, Graham publicly praised Biden in a documentary, lauding his outstanding moral character. Nevertheless, their camaraderie deteriorated after Biden secured victory in the 2020 election. Recently, Graham openly condemned Biden, alleging that his actions have inflicted substantial damage on the global stage.

On March 10, the senator from South Carolina made an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press” to address the president’s recent remarks. During the interview, he vehemently criticized Biden for expressing regret over his use of the term “illegal” in reference to the migrant accused of murdering Laken Riley in Georgia. Riley, a 22-year-old, tragically lost her life while jogging on the University of Georgia campus in Athens.

Graham expressed how much the president’s comment that he regretted using the phrase irritates him. Graham went on to criticize Biden, claiming that when the president said that Hamas could resolve the crisis by freeing the captives, he nearly toppled over in the State of the Union Address.

The senator questioned whether the president was implying that if Hamas freed the hostages, it would be permitted to stay in power. Graham then challenged his erstwhile buddy to a debate with Trump, raising doubts about his mental health. The president hasn’t said that he won’t discuss his opponent. Graham concluded by saying he believed Biden had messed up the planet in every manner possible.

The Republican senator countered allegations suggesting he’s under the influence of former President Donald Trump. During an interview with host Kristen Welker, he responded to Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s statement. Murkowski, a Republican from Alaska, stated that they shouldn’t operate as a Senate if they constantly need permission from Trump for their actions. This comment stemmed from Trump’s directive to senators to block a bipartisan immigration bill that encompassed stringent asylum regulations and increased funding for security measures.

Graham and Biden spent over a decade together in Congress. Initially, they served together when Graham was a congressman, and later when they both held Senate seats. However, strains began to emerge in their friendship when Biden entered the presidential race.

The senator aligned himself closely with Trump, particularly after the 2020 election when he joined those disputing its results. Consequently, Biden shifted to referring to their past friendship in the past tense, labeling Graham a “disappointment.” With the nation approaching the general election, it seems any remnants of their friendship have dissolved completely.

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