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Liberal Comedian Goes Nuclear on Democratic Socialists of America


Liberal Comedian Goes Nuclear on Democratic Socialists of America

The conflict between Israel and Hamas is exposing the brutal nature of Islamist terrorism. Additionally, it is highlighting divisions within the Western left. Comedian Sarah Silverman recently came to understand the reality about some of her fellow left-leaning individuals. In a passionate Instagram post, she strongly criticized the Democratic Socialists of America.

On October 7, Hamas militants breached Israel’s heavily fortified border, resulting in a wave of horrifying violence and loss of life. By the time Israeli forces managed to neutralize or apprehend the last of the intruders, a tragic toll emerged, with at least 1,200 Israelis losing their lives, a majority of whom were civilians. An additional 150 individuals had been abducted and taken as hostages to the Gaza Strip.

The response from the Democratic Socialists of America was unsurprisingly devoid of empathy. They issued a statement affirming their unwavering support for Palestine while assigning blame to Israel and the United States for the tragic massacre. Nevertheless, it appears that not all of their members were content with this statement.

Sarah Silverman is a typical celebrity with left-leaning political views. In 2016, she endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), a longstanding socialist, for the Democratic nomination before switching her support to Hillary Clinton. She has championed various left-wing and social justice initiatives and was affiliated with the Democratic Socialists of America, until her disillusionment with their statement regarding the Israel attack.

On October 10, Silverman posted a screenshot of the DSA statement on her Instagram and Facebook profiles.

“The DSA of which I was a proud lifetime member, has lost me forever,” and, from the DSA’s point of view, it went steeply downhill from there. She pointed out that many of the dead Israelis opposed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing government, and raged “THAT’S WHO HAMAS MURDERED.”

Silverman is not the sole individual on the left who has experienced disillusionment in the wake of the Hamas attack. On October 10, Black Lives Matter Chicago shared an image featuring a parachute adorned with a Palestinian flag, seemingly alluding to the paragliders that Hamas employed to launch an attack on the Supernova music festival, resulting in the tragic loss of 260 young lives within the opening minutes of their assault.

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