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Kremlin Fires Back at Biden’s Insult


Kremlin Fires Back at Biden’s Insult

To put it gently, ties between Russia and the United States are icy. Vladimir Putin, president of Russia, has said that the United States is engaging in a proxy war by supporting Ukraine’s defenses. A verbal brawl has broken out between the Kremlin and President Joe Biden.

While in San Francisco, California, for a fundraiser on February 21, Biden brought up the topic of WMDs. According to reports, he referred to Putin as a “crazy S.O.B.” and warned that the United States will continue to face the threat of nuclear war so long as he and others like him remain in power.

Dmitri Peskov, a spokesperson for the Kremlin, responded to the remarks by the US president the next day. The New York Times reported he said it was “Hollywood cowboy-style behavior to serve [Biden’s] domestic political interests.”

Putin addressed Biden’s comments in a television appearance. He claimed the remarks were directed at him because he supported the president’s reelection. Putin asserted that Biden verbalized his animosity against him due to his inability to express gratitude for the endorsement. Putin said he understands what’s “happening with internal politics in the US.”

The Russian president reportedly called Biden’s remarks “rude.”

Given that the Democratic Party has spent years accusing Trump of being in bed with Putin, Putin’s support of Biden was comical. Allegations of collusion between Trump’s campaign and his associates and Russia prompted an inquiry by the Obama administration in 2016. The assertions were without merit.

Democrats have stuck to the idea that Trump and Putin are close ever since. A apparent jab at Biden was made by Putin when he unexpectedly backed the 46th president. Putin’s comments following Trump’s derogatory comments seemed to emphasize this point even further.

Although the back-and-forth is entertaining, some Americans will likely be concerned that the president of the United States did not show more restraint when discussing his Russian counterpart during these critical times.

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