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Kevin McCarthy Melts Down and Throws a Fit Amid Threats from GOP Members to Remove Him as House Speaker


Kevin McCarthy Melts Down and Throws a Fit Amid Threats from GOP Members to Remove Him as House Speaker

Tensions within the Republican Party escalated significantly this week when Congressman Matt Gaetz from Florida, a member of the party, openly confronted House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. Gaetz accused McCarthy of not fulfilling the campaign pledges that had secured his position as the House Speaker in January.

During a private meeting with fellow Republican House members on Thursday, it was reported that McCarthy became visibly agitated as dissatisfaction and challenges to his leadership grew more pronounced.

According to Representative Brian Mast from Florida, McCarthy had an outburst, “If you want to file a motion to vacate, then file the f*cking motion.” 

McCarthy acknowledged to journalists following the GOP gathering. Additionally, he expressed regret that the Defense Department appropriations bill couldn’t be scheduled for discussion, yet he did not tackle the fundamental problems contributing to the division within his party.

Gaetz reacted in response to McCarthy’s emotional outburst.

“Instead of emotionally cursing, maybe the Speaker should just keep his word from January on balanced budgets, term limits, and single-subject spending bills.”

“I warned everybody in December of last year. Speaker McCarthy believes in NOTHING except money and power. In football, when the team isn’t winning the games it’s supposed to, they fire the coach. In business, when a company does not match its projected earnings, then the board gets rid of the CEO. I’ve had enough McFailure. Have you?”

On Tuesday, The Gateway Pundit published a report stating that Gaetz expressed concern over McCarthy’s inability to honor the commitments that secured him the position of Speaker.

According to the existing House regulations, a ‘motion to vacate’ can be initiated by just one member of Congress, leading to a vote for the Speaker’s removal. A straightforward majority suffices for this purpose. Gaetz even raised the idea of enlisting the assistance of Democratic Representative Eric Swalwell to execute this motion.

Representative Gaetz strongly criticized McCarthy for his failure to facilitate a vote on term limits, withholding the complete January 6 recordings, inadequate scrutiny of the Biden family’s actions, and for supporting President Biden’s spending initiatives.

 “If Democrats bail out McCarthy – I will lead the resistance to this uni-party and the Biden/McCarthy/Jeffries government that they are attempting to build,” Gaetz added.

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