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Kevin McCarthy Melts Down After Losing Ability to Handpick Next Speaker


Kevin McCarthy Melts Down After Losing Ability to Handpick Next Speaker

Former Speaker Kevin McCarthy is considering the prospect of returning to the position of Speaker, with Jim Jordan potentially taking on the role of “Assistant Speaker.” It’s worth noting that this proposed role does not have a defined description and is not explicitly outlined in the US Constitution. As per insights from two legislators who conversed with NBC, McCarthy is experiencing significant frustration due to his inability to personally select the upcoming Speaker.

In the midst of the deadlock, McCarthy is considering a proposal that would reinstate him as the Speaker and designate Jordan, a staunch Trump supporter, as the assistant speaker, as reported by three sources who are well-versed in McCarthy’s proposition.

When questioned about the timing of this idea, which currently lacks crucial specifics regarding its implementation and the feasibility of garnering adequate support, a GOP legislator responded, “We’re desperate.”

Although the notion may appear unlikely and hasn’t been widely presented to the GOP Conference, it is under discussion among certain Republicans following Emmer’s withdrawal as the third GOP nominee. A source with knowledge of the idea drew a comparison to the Democrats’ Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Assistant Speaker Katherine Clark arrangement.

Two Republican lawmakers provided insight into McCarthy’s emotional state, describing it as a notable breakdown. This emotional reaction, they explained, stems from his perceived loss of influence when it comes to handpicking the next Speaker. McCarthy’s inability to exercise his traditional role in selecting a new Speaker appears to have weighed heavily on him, culminating in this reported episode during the conference meetings.

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