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Karine Jean-pierre Ends Press Briefing After Being Pressed On Durham Report


Karine Jean-pierre Ends Press Briefing After Being Pressed On Durham Report

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre chose not to provide any remarks on Tuesday regarding special counsel John Durham’s report concerning the alleged collaboration between former President Donald Trump and Russia in 2016. Instead, she stated that she would defer any comments to the Department of Justice.

After a four-year examination, Durham completed his review and released a critical 300-page report. The report concluded that both the FBI and the Department of Justice did not adhere closely to the law during the Trump-Russia investigation.

Despite the fact that the Durham report was made public on Monday, Karine Jean-Pierre was only questioned about it once during a White House Press Briefing held on Tuesday.

“What is the White House reaction to special counsel report on how the FBI handled the Trump-Russia probe?” RealClearNews reporter Philip Wegmann questioned.

Jean-Pierre answered, “I would leave it to the Department of Justice to speak to that.” 

Wegmann continued to asked, “The president talks often about how he wants the DOJ and FBI to remain independent and above the fray. That report seems to reflect the opposite. Does he agree with Special Counsel Durham that there needs to be wholesale changes at the FBI?” 

“Again, that is with the Department of Justice. That’s not something that I’m going to speak from the podium. As you just stated in your question, we believe in an independent Department of Justice. That’s what the president said when he was running and that’s what the president has said the last two years,” with a swift response, Jean-Pierre promptly concluded her briefing by closing her book.

The rapid interaction sparked a frenzy among social media users, who expressed their dissatisfaction with Jean-Pierre’s underwhelming response, particularly in light of her own personal involvement in the Russia collusion accusation.

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