Judge Rules Against Giuliani in Defamation Suit

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On August 30, a federal judge ruled in favor of two former election workers from Georgia who had brought a legal action against former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. In their lawsuit, they claimed that Giuliani, a prominent Republican figure, had falsely accused them of participating in an election fraud scheme during the 2020 presidential election, thus defaming their character.

As per various accounts, US District Judge Beryl Howell issued a default judgment against the former mayor, officially finding him responsible for various allegations. 

These allegations encompass defamation claims brought forth by Wandrea ArShaye Moss and Ruby Freeman, both of whom served as election officials in Fulton County, Georgia, during the 2020 election. This mother-daughter duo provided assistance in the vote-counting process at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena.

Additionally, the judge directed the former lawyer of ex-US President Donald Trump, the Republican leader in question, to compensate Moss and Freeman with an amount exceeding $89,000 in attorney fees. 

Furthermore, he must ensure that his businesses bearing his name cover legal fees amounting to nearly $45,000 in connection to efforts to compel the mother and daughter to respond to requests for various documents and depositions.

According to the court’s directive, both parties are required to suggest three dates falling between November 2023 and February 2024 for a trial that will determine the extent of the fees related to damages that Giuliani is obligated to pay to the mother and daughter. 

Additionally, the judge pointed out that the jury might be guided to deduce that Giuliani is attempting to conceal crucial information about his assets to diminish his overall financial worth. This would be considered a penalty for his inability to reimburse the $89,000 by the specified deadline of July 25.

The judge’s ruling marks the end of a prolonged series of exchanges concerning the Republican leader’s responsibilities related to discovery in the lawsuit brought by Moss and Freeman. In July, the mother and daughter requested Judge Howell to penalize him for failing to retain electronic records from his social media, messaging, and email accounts.

Moss and Freeman initiated a defamation lawsuit against Giuliani in December 2021. In their legal action, they claimed that he conducted a smear campaign by repeatedly accusing them of attempting to manipulate the 2020 election in Georgia through voter fraud.

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