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Japan Airlines Plane Carrying Nearly 400 Passengers Bursts Into Flames After Collision


Japan Airlines Plane Carrying Nearly 400 Passengers Bursts Into Flames After Collision

A Tokyo airport witnessed a tragic incident on Tuesday as a passenger plane, carrying almost 400 individuals, erupted into flames after colliding with a coast guard jet. This unfortunate event resulted in the loss of at least five crew members who were on a mission to deliver aid to the victims of a devastating earthquake.

A disturbing video depicted the Japan Airlines aircraft abruptly catching fire upon landing at Haneda International Airport. The fireball extended across the runway as the plane came to a halt. Tragically, five crew members aboard the coast guard plane lost their lives, and their captain sustained critical injuries.

Despite the passenger plane being fully engulfed, all 379 individuals on board managed to evacuate successfully. However, the Metropolitan Police Department reported injuries to at least 17 passengers, offering no additional information about their circumstance.

“The entire cabin was filled with smoke within a few minutes. We threw ourselves down on the floor. Then the emergency doors were opened and we threw ourselves at them. The smoke in the cabin stung like hell. It was a hell,” Swedish passenger Anton Deibe said, who was traveling with his parents and sister.

Videos and pictures circulated on social media depicted passengers shouting within the cabin filled with smoke and hastily moving across the tarmac, heading away from an evacuation slide.

The office of Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida conveyed his directive for pertinent agencies to collaborate in evaluating the damage.

A spokesperson confirmed that following the incident, all runways at Haneda, one of Tokyo’s two primary airports, have been closed.

Military officials stated that the coast guard aircraft was on its way to Niigata Airport to provide assistance to those affected by a strong earthquake that occurred on New Year’s Day, resulting in the death of at least 48 people.

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