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Hillary Clinton Gets Heckled During Response to Biden’s Speech


Hillary Clinton Gets Heckled During Response to Biden’s Speech

Hillary Clinton, who ran for president but lost, is still involved in the Democratic party and spoke on a human rights panel at Columbia University not too long ago. President Biden’s defense aid to Israel and Ukraine came up as she spoke. Clinton dropped the ball and was heckled at as a result.

Clinton Won’t Go Away

Hillary Clinton hasn’t played a significant political role in a long time. Her four-year term as Secretary of State ended a decade ago, and she resigned from the Senate in 2009. After Donald Trump defeated her in the 2016 presidential election, she had a tantrum and quit politics because she couldn’t accept defeat.

She isn’t quite ready to hang up her hat just yet, though, and keeps giving lectures and advocating for liberal causes. The event celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that she participated in on October 23 at Columbia University was a flop.

As Israel and Ukraine face aggression from their neighbors, President Biden struggled through a speech on the topic on October 19. Many on the Left are currently protesting in solidarity with the terrorist group Hamas, who launched an attack on Israel on October 7. As a result, American backing of the Jewish state is coming under fire. As Clinton discussed human rights, a heckler broke in, slammed Biden’s speech, and called on her to denounce it. He shouted that the president’s words were “clearly warmongering” and compared it to a “rush to World War III,” and demanded that Clinton make a statement.

Clinton replied by saying this was “not a way to have a conversation” and told the heckler to talk to her afterward. When he dismissed the idea that she would wait to talk to him she insisted “I will wait for you, will listen to you and I will respond to you.” He repeated that he didn’t believe her, and continued to shout, saying he was exercising his right to free speech. When he finally left, some of the crowd applauded.

Clinton has a reputation as a foreign policy hawk while being on the Left. She was instrumental in the 2011 Libyan conflict and voted in favor of the 2003 invasion of Iraq. She also maintains a steady pro-Israel stance. We can only applaud the heckler’s hope if he believed she would condemn US support for Israel’s assault in Gaza at Columbia.

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