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Hiking Groups Attempt to Separate People Based on Skin Color


Hiking Groups Attempt to Separate People Based on Skin Color

Exploring your environment while hiking is a wonderful way to get some exercise. That is especially true if you reside in a region like Oregon, which is home to so much breathtaking natural beauty. Only those who share his views are permitted to participate in the hikes that one man hosts.

The Oregon Shakespeare Company’s black actor Tyrone Wilson adores hiking. He joined organizations like Unlikely Hikers, OutGrown, and People of Color Outdoors. In order for people of color and those with other religions to feel more at ease hiking together in the woods, the groups gather people they believe will help make that happen.

According to Wilson, he has collected friends, family, and coworkers to go hiking every Monday since 2015, as reported by Oregon Live. Despite not having the appearance of a hiker, he nonetheless goes on. He said that he had “given all [his] efforts to draw people” to the treks. In contrast to hanging out in the city, where “you might be mistaken for someone else,” he argues that a group of like-minded individuals “has fewer unknowns.”

A Chinese American living in Portland named Kyle Weismann-Yee has also joined the groups that seem to divide people based on their racial background and political beliefs. She asserted that since joining People of Color Outdoors, she had experienced more of nature than she had before.

According to its website, People of Color Outdoors is a non-profit company that offers a secure environment for people of color, including black and Indigenous people. As they engage in different activities, they subsequently learn more about the environment and nature.

Others are not nearly as convinced about the groups, while those who are a member of them think they are a great idea and have nothing but positive things to say. The concept was criticized on Twitter. It was described as the “stupidest thing” by one user.

Another person remarked that it appears that segregation is making a comeback. One woman cited Democrats as the culprits.

Coming soon, your own water fountains, restrooms, and restaurants, the Twitter user continued.

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