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Heroic Truck Driver Rescues “Approximately 15” Children Trapped in Padlocked Cages in the Back of Pickup Truck (VIDEO)


Heroic Truck Driver Rescues “Approximately 15” Children Trapped in Padlocked Cages in the Back of Pickup Truck (VIDEO)

In a chilling event, a watchful truck driver known as Michael emerged as a hero after notifying authorities about a profoundly disturbing incident.

While stationed at a rest stop along I-10 in New Mexico, Michael observed a pickup truck arrive in close proximity. A man and a woman proceeded to open a padlocked enclosure concealed beneath a tarp in the truck’s cargo area, subsequently releasing a group of children.

As depicted in the video shared by the truck driver, the abductors were observed guiding the children to and from a restroom at the rest stop, before confining them once again within the enclosure.

“I’m sitting at a rest area. This truck pulls up, opens up the back. It’s like a cage-looking thing… That guy and this lady have a whole bunch of kids in the back of that truck… And then they take the padlock off, raise the tarp, and all these kids come out the back, and they’re forcing them into the bathroom,” Michael recalled.

The truck driver’s intuition was triggered when he observed the children being ushered into the restroom and subsequently confined within padlocked enclosures beneath a tarp in the rear of the pickup truck. Sensing that a troubling situation was unfolding, he made the decision to dial 911.

The truck driver recounted how the abductors swiftly departed upon noticing him engaged in a phone call.

“They see me on the phone. They’re watching me in the mirror the whole time. They f-cking take off. The cops on the phone with me told me to follow them as close as you can, as much as you can until we get units out,” he said. 

Although hindered by his truck’s limitations and unable to pursue the escaping vehicle, he nonetheless furnished crucial details that empowered law enforcement to pinpoint and apprehend the abductors.

During an interview with Mutha Trucker, Michael revealed that around 15 children were confined within the enclosure.

Since its establishment in August 1997, the TCA Highway Angels program has acknowledged nearly 1,300 skilled truck drivers as Highway Angels for their exceptional acts of compassion, courtesy, and bravery while performing their duties. This recognition is made possible by the program’s primary sponsor, EpicVue, and its supporting sponsor, DriverFacts, enabling TCA to highlight remarkable drivers such as Michael.

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