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Hero Principal Dies After Saving Children


Hero Principal Dies After Saving Children

On the 4th of January, a devastating event occurred at an Iowa school as a shooter opened fire, causing injuries to seven people. One person is in critical condition, and sadly, another lost their life. Perry High School’s principal, Dan Marburger, bravely tried to divert the assailant’s attention, allowing other students to seek safety. Despite ten days of medical interventions, he tragically succumbed to his injuries and passed away.

The Marburger family announced the principal’s passing early on Sunday morning through an update on their GoFundMe page. Caldwell Parrish Funeral Home & Crematory verified his death in an email response to The New York Times but did not provide any additional information.

Marburger endured for a period of ten days following the critical injuries sustained in the shooting. According to accounts, he was attempting to pacify 17-year-old Dylan Butler and minimize harm when the teenager began shooting. Governor Kim Reynolds (R) issued a statement expressing deep sorrow for the tragic news and extended her condolences to his family, stating that the entire state is profoundly affected by the loss.

She highlighted Marburger’s brave act of placing himself in danger to shield his students, a sacrifice that tragically led to his demise. In honor of his memory, she directed that flags be lowered to half-staff until sunset on the day of his funeral.

Marburger, who had served as the principal of Perry High School since 1995, was not the sole victim of the shooting. An 11-year-old sixth grader, Ahmir Jolliff, lost his life after sustaining multiple gunshot wounds. The shooter also perished at the scene from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot. Jolliff’s funeral and service took place on January 10 and 11, with a live stream option for those unable to attend in person.

The small city of Perry was familiar with both the shooter and the principal. Although residents found Butler to be peculiar, they never believed he had the capacity for violence.

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