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Haley Drops Out After Handing Trump Two Losses


Haley Drops Out After Handing Trump Two Losses

Nikki Haley, the ex-governor of South Carolina and former presidential contender, secured a significant victory in the primary race by defeating Donald Trump, the former president and fellow contender, in Washington, D.C., on March 3rd. Serving as the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations under the Trump administration, Haley clinched the electoral contest with nearly 63 percent of the vote, earning herself 19 delegates.

Despite her win, certain political experts argue that Nikki Haley’s success in the nation’s capital holds little significance, given that Washington, D.C., has been notably opposed to Trump. Journalist David Alandete took to Twitter to dismiss the notion that Haley’s victory could propel her campaign forward, stating that her triumph in Washington was widely expected and therefore does not provide any momentum.

Nevertheless, during Super Tuesday, Nikki Haley achieved another victory in Vermont, capturing nearly half of the votes.

Prior to the primary, several media sources suggested that the capital city presented the ex-South Carolina governor with her strongest opportunity to break the former president’s unbroken streak in primaries. Despite Trump winning the district in the 2020 primary, he trailed behind former Ohio Governor John Kasich and Florida Senator Marco Rubio in the 2016 primary. Historically, the district has leaned Democratic, as evidenced by President Biden securing 92 percent of the vote in Washington during the 2020 presidential election.

Up to this point, Trump has demonstrated remarkable success in the GOP primaries, securing wins in Michigan, South Carolina, the Virgin Islands, Nevada, New Hampshire, and Iowa. His string of victories notably expanded on Super Tuesday, where he emerged victorious in 14 out of the 15 presidential primaries at stake. Following this significant surge, Nikki Haley withdrew from the race the following day.

With Trump’s primary rival now out of the picture, it appears highly likely that the 2020 rematch with Biden is essentially confirmed.

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