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Governor Abbott Offers Unusual Praise to Dem Counterparts


Governor Abbott Offers Unusual Praise to Dem Counterparts

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican, has dispatched numerous immigrants to Democratic states and urban centers throughout the nation. The governor has clarified that his initiative of transporting migrants aims to underscore the severity of the border crisis to Democrats. This strategy has proven effective, and he is commending certain Progressive individuals for exerting influence on President Joe Biden’s administration.

On September 27, Governor Abbott embarked on a journey to New York City, where he addressed the issue of national immigration. Fox News reported that during his speech at the Manhattan Institute, a conservative think tank, Abbott emphasized that the situation in New York represented only a small fraction of the daily occurrences in his own state. 

He highlighted that over two million immigrants entered Texas unlawfully in the previous year. While a significant portion of them were returned to the border, tens of thousands were released into the United States. Abbott underscored that the number of undocumented crossings exceeded the population of Houston, which is one of the largest cities in the nation.

Abbott echoed the sentiments of Democratic Mayor Eric Adams, emphasizing that the immigration crisis is untenable. He asserted that mayors from Los Angeles, Chicago, and his own city have all expressed the same view regarding its sustainability.

Moreover, the governor placed blame on the President, contending that the porous border jeopardizes the safety of the American people daily by allowing individuals on the terrorist watch list to cross. Abbott further attributed responsibility to President Biden for the crisis unfolding in New York. He informed the audience that while Texas had sent 15,800 migrants to New York City, the remaining 100,000 were individuals dispatched there under President Biden’s administration.

Over the course of several months, New York officials, including Mayor Adams and Governor Kathy Hochul, who is a Democrat, have consistently urged President Biden to address the ongoing immigration crisis. The city of New York has been compelled to accommodate migrants in various locations, including police stations and former schools, due to the sheer volume of arrivals. Nevertheless, the city finds itself thoroughly inundated and struggling to manage the situation effectively.

In a recent development, the administration has at last revealed its intentions to expedite the approval process for work permits for asylum seekers, a request that officials have been making for nearly a year. Notably, during late September, President Biden was in New York City for the United Nations General Assembly meeting. However, it’s worth mentioning that he did not engage with local officials to discuss the immigration crisis during his visit.

Mayor Adams expressed strong criticism of the President for not initiating communication with local officials, noting that the last interaction between City Hall and the administration occurred earlier in the year. The mayor emphasized the urgent need for President Biden to issue an emergency declaration and provide adequate funding to address the crisis effectively. He characterized the administration’s lack of action on this issue as fundamentally incorrect and called for immediate attention to the problem.

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