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Governor Abbott Accuses Biden of “Violating” the Law


Governor Abbott Accuses Biden of “Violating” the Law

The lack of effective border control by the Biden administration is not well-received in Texas. Consequently, the state has been increasingly pursuing its own strategies to address the influx of unauthorized migrants from Mexico.

This has led to clashes with the administration, which appears hesitant to delegate the issue or address it directly. However, Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) remains steadfast and unyielding in his stance.

On January 22, the United States Supreme Court supported a challenge by the Biden administration, overturning a Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that favored Texas. The initial decision by the lower court had prohibited federal agents from altering or dismantling the razor wire barriers installed by the Texas Army National Guard at key locations prone to illegal migration since January 2023.

The administration contended that the presence of the wire was hindering Border Patrol agents from assisting migrants in distress. With a 5-4 majority vote, the Supreme Court aligned with the White House and upheld the injunction from the Fifth Circuit.

The day following the court ruling, Governor Abbott responded to the administration. In an official statement, he asserted that the president has declined to enforce immigration laws and has, in fact, violated them.

He reiterated a statement from last September, invoking Article 1, Section 10, Clause 3 of the US Constitution, stating that Texas was under invasion by Mexican drug cartels. These notorious and violent drug gangs are deeply engaged in human trafficking activities across the US border as well.

The primary objection of the administration to Texas’s initiatives against migrants is that, according to the constitution, border control falls within the federal government’s jurisdiction. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) contends that the governor’s actions are impeding the government’s authority to manage immigration.

Abbott has countered, asserting that the Biden administration has violated the agreement between the United States and the states, neglecting its constitutional duty to enforce federal laws.

Instead, he asserts that the state is choosing not to implement these laws. However, concurrently, he is vigorously safeguarding the privilege to do so. Abbott contends that the state’s right to self-defense takes precedence over federal law, and he is exercising that authority to defend Texas from potential invasion.

Up to this point, Abbott shows no inclination to retreat, even in the face of the Supreme Court’s decision. Prior to issuing his official statement in response to the ruling, he shared a video depicting National Guardsmen installing razor wire along the border. The evident suggestion is that he remains committed to constructing barriers against migrants, irrespective of the administration’s stance.

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