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GOP Rep. Anna Paulina Luna Sexually Harassed by Liberal Reporter After Voting Against McCarthy


GOP Rep. Anna Paulina Luna Sexually Harassed by Liberal Reporter After Voting Against McCarthy

A liberal reporter chased and harassed Republican congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna, 33, on Tuesday. The incident was documented on film.

After voting against Kevin McCarthy for speaker of the house along with 19 other House Republicans, the event occurred. She voted for Jim Jordan.

A liberal male reporter pursued and harassed Luna as she was exiting the US Capitol building.

Anna Paulina Luna made a statement, “When you’re a woman who stands up to the swamp, you are sexually harassed leaving your office, accused of having sex with members, being a witch, and more lies. This is why we must drain the swamp. This is not journalism. Is this how female reps are treated?” 

Zachary Petrizzo, a reporter for the Daily Beast, has been rumored to be the person of interest.

Luna was elected to represent Florida’s 13th congressional district. She is also the first Mexican-American woman to get elected.

Strong and independent, Anna Paulina Luna has shown herself as a leader by putting her country before herself. Anna was raised by a single mother in a low-income neighborhood in Southern California, where she discovered that success required hard work and independence.

Anna’s mother and father divorced when she was quite young. Early on, Anna’s father, who had a serious drug problem, had urged her mother for an abortion. However, Anna’s mother decided against it.

Anna and her mother were left alone as a result. Her father struggled and was in and out of jail during Anna’s youth and adolescence. Her primary means of communication with him at this time were letters to the prison and collect calls. 

Anna and Andy met while Anna was enlisted in the US Air Force. He was shot by enemy soldiers in Afghanistan, earning him the Purple Heart in addition to the Bronze Star. Andy was reassigned to the Middle East to battle ISIS after recovering.

Anna made the decision to run for office because she understood that Capitol Hill needed to be covered by the media. Anna is dedicated to demonstrating to people that there is another way and that large government is mostly the problem, not the answer, for the issues that affect many of America’s communities, particularly low-income and minority ones.

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