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Giuffre’s Deposition Docs Still Redact Names of US Politician


Giuffre’s Deposition Docs Still Redact Names of US Politician

As records linked to the trafficker Jeffrey Epstein become public, the global community is gaining insight into the individuals associated with Epstein. Nevertheless, certain identities are still being kept confidential from the public eye.

In a recently disclosed deposition document (refer to page 20, exhibit G), Virginia Giuffre, a victim of trafficking, was questioned about the prominent American politicians to whom she was trafficked. She mentioned Bill Richardson and another individual, whose name has been redacted in the released files. 

According to Giuffre, she was compelled to engage in sexual intercourse with the undisclosed politician on at least two occasions. Bill Richardson, the former governor of New Mexico, passed away in September 2023 at the age of 75. Prior to his death, he consistently denied any wrongdoing.

While there have been no official allegations of misconduct against him, Giuffre asserts that she witnessed former President Bill Clinton on Little St. James, commonly known as Epstein Island. Giuffre also alleges having seen former Vice President Al Gore and model Heidi Klum on the island. Another individual involved in the case, Johanna Sjoberg, who was a victim alongside Giuffre, contends that Epstein once conveyed to her that Clinton “likes them young,” referring to underage girls.

Additional notable figures mentioned in the documents encompass Prince Andrew, the son of the former Queen Elizabeth II. As per Giuffre’s testimony, she received $15,000 for engaging in sexual intercourse with Prince Andrew. The royal has consistently refuted any allegations of misconduct.

Her legal case against him was resolved outside the courtroom for a substantial amount. Michael Jackson was identified as someone who had visited Epstein’s residence in Palm Beach, yet no allegations of misconduct have been raised against him. Les Wexner, the billionaire proprietor of Victoria’s Secret, was frequently mentioned in the documents and faced accusations of rape, which he vehemently denied.

Epstein gained notoriety for his death in prison while awaiting trial in 2019, officially ruled as a suicide by the medical examiner. Despite official dismissal of doubts as “conspiracy theories,” many remain skeptical. Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s friend and former girlfriend, is presently serving a 20-year sentence for trafficking minors, and she is currently in the process of appealing her conviction.

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