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Former NFL Player Jerrell Powe Arrested For Kidnapping In Mississippi


Former NFL Player Jerrell Powe Arrested For Kidnapping In Mississippi

According to cops, a former NFL player was accused of kidnapping on Thursday in Mississippi.

According to Ridgeland Authorities Chief Brian Myers, Jerrell Powe, 35, and an alleged accomplice were detained in connection with an alleged kidnapping that started in the Mississippi town of Laurel and ended in Ridgeland, where the victim was able to call the police.

Although Myers told the publication that the victim is safe, investigators are still gathering information in the case.

According to a post from the Washington Commanders, Powe, a standout at Wayne County High School in Waynesboro, Mississippi, was classified as the third-best defensive lineman prospect in the nation. He was advised he would not be permitted to play his freshman year after choosing Ole Miss to realize his collegiate ambitions and dreams because he had not finished the 14 essential high school courses the NCAA mandated.

Joe Barnett, a family friend, took Powe beneath his arm and assisted him in catching up in his academics. After that, Powe spent a year in Virginia attending a college prep school to raise his academic status, develop his football skills, and lay the academic groundwork necessary to enroll in and compete at Ole Miss, according to the post.

Barnett stated, “It was a challenge. I know there were moments he wanted to stop.”

When Powe was 24 years old and in his final year of eligibility, he was allowed to attend Ole Miss for one year to see if he could maintain his marks. The Kansas City Chiefs selected Powe in the sixth round of the NFL Draft, according to the article.

According to WLBT, Powe was brought to the Madison County Detention Center where he is being placed without bond until a hearing on Tuesday, January 17.

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