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Former GRAMMYs Head Sued and Accused of Assault


Former GRAMMYs Head Sued and Accused of Assault

For more than five decades, Neil Portnow has played a significant role in the American music industry. Starting with the establishment of a modest promotion company in the early 1970s, he gradually ascended to the position of chairman at The Recording Academy, the entity responsible for organizing the Grammy Awards. Although he stepped down from this role in 2019, recent accusations stemming from his tenure have resurfaced, casting a shadow on his legacy.

Originating from Manhattan, Neil Portnow attended George Washington University, finishing his studies in 1971. Following graduation, he established his music promotion company. Progressing through the ranks, he attained executive positions at renowned record labels like RCA, EMI, and 20th Century Fox. 

The zenith of his distinguished career occurred in 2002 when he took on the presidency of The Recording Academy, guiding the 45th Grammy Awards. He retained this significant role for an impressive 17 years, concluding his tenure with a resignation in July 2019.

Portnow’s illustrious career is now facing a potential bleak conclusion. On November 8, an unidentified woman lodged a lawsuit against him in the New York State Supreme Court. The legal action represents an instrumentalist from outside the United States who claims that during her visit to New York for a performance in 2018, Portnow allegedly drugged and sexually assaulted her in a hotel room. The accuser’s identity has not been disclosed publicly.

The accusation against Portnow might be linked to broader challenges at The Recording Academy. After Portnow’s departure, Deborah Dugan assumed the role of the organization’s inaugural female president. Yet, in a notable departure from Portnow’s 17-year leadership, Dugan faced suspension after only five months and was subsequently terminated in March 2020.

The Academy stated that a formal accusation of misconduct had been made against her. Dugan contended that her termination was a reprisal for her criticisms of the Academy, one of which involved her raising concerns about a concealment of sexual harassment.

Portnow promptly refuted the accusations. A representative issued a statement regarding the lawsuit, asserting that the narrative was a creation of the plaintiff’s imagination. The statement further suggested a connection to the plaintiff’s exorbitant requests for financial assistance and support in securing a residence visa, demands that Portnow reportedly declined.

Determining the truth will be challenging at this point. Regrettably, the anonymous accuser did not report the incident to the police at the time. With five years having passed since the alleged crime, the situation is likely to evolve into a scenario of conflicting accounts without substantial evidence.

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