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FBI Allegedly Used “Terrorist” Label on US Vet


FBI Allegedly Used “Terrorist” Label on US Vet

In recent years, it has been said that the FBI is out to get Conservatives. Republicans have said that the federal agency in charge of fighting terrorism is making up the number of domestic terrorism probes to make the right look bad. Now, there are new claims about how the agency treated a veteran of the military and an organization he started.

Allegations Against FBI

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) sent a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray in September. In it, he talked about a supposed whistleblower’s claims. The person who didn’t give their name said that the bureau would call former US Army Green Beret Mike Glover and his group, American Contingency, domestic terrorists in 2020.

Jordan said that the whistleblower said that the FBI looked into Glover and found that he wasn’t a terrorist, but that the veteran’s group was still labeled as a terrorist group. The congressman accused federal law enforcement of investigating the former special forces soldier’s military records and his disability rating.

Glover recently appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News and spoke out about what the whistleblower said. The veteran told the host that he thought something was going on because he was kicked off a number of social media sites. He gave a rundown of what Jordan has alleged the whistleblower claimed and said, “It’s horrible.”

The retired service member said that he chose to start an organization after leaving the military because he’s “an entrepreneur first.” He said that he thinks his own country is out to get him and that the FBI is also out to get his mother. Glover told Carlson that his mom’s Facebook account was closed because “the FBI told social media and destroyed all social media accounts.”

It’s not clear where Glover obtained the information about the FBI contacting social media organizations. He didn’t show Carlson proof that it happened, and Jordan didn’t mention it in his letter.

The FBI Responds

When Jordan asked the FBI about the claims, the agency said in a statement that it doesn’t “comment on specific groups or individuals.” The bureau went on to say it does not have the power to designate anyone or group a “domestic terrorist.”

In a statement, the FBI said that it cannot start an investigation into any group or person based on how they use their First Amendment rights. The only time the agency looks into something is when someone is said to have done or planned to do something violent that threatens US national security. The agency also said that the FBI’s job is to “uphold the Constitution.” One does not come at the expense of the other.”

Republicans in Congress don’t agree. The House is looking into the agency right now to find out what’s going on.

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