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Eleven Year Old Girl Attacked With Acid on Playground


Eleven Year Old Girl Attacked With Acid on Playground

In Detroit, Michigan on July 9, 2023, eleven-year-old Deaira Summers was attacked with acid while playing on the school playground. Summers’ siblings and cousins all showed up.

One of Summer’s cousins got into an argument with another girl, also around 12 years old, at the playground. Summers and her cousins and brothers had left, but she had to double back to get her misplaced handbag. Summers claims she had nothing to do with the argument until the attacker threw acid at her.

Her arms, legs, and back suffered second- and third-degree burns when the acid seeped through her clothing. Summers tore her top off and went inside to get some water and soap to remove the material. She spent many days in the burn unit after her parents rushed her to the hospital. Deaira’s mother Domonique Summers claims the medical team at the hospital was unable to determine what kind of acid was used in the attack.

Even now, Deaira is recuperating well at home. In an interview with WSAZ, Deaira detailed the assault. The acid burned her clothes and skin, but at first she felt nothing, she recalled. She and her family were willing to have photos of her wounds broadcast on the local news.

The child’s mother is thought to have provided the acid the 12-year-old used to hurt Summers, however neither the girl nor her family have been identified. Whether or not this family has sought legal counsel is yet unknown. The juvenile offender has been charged with assault with the intent to cause bodily harm. She had no contact with Summers or any witnesses and was released on $10,000 bond.

The two young women were not actually attending Vernor Elementary. The institution released a statement assuring the public that it will cooperate completely with any investigation into the occurrence because neither the institution nor its personnel were responsible for it.

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